• This Declaration is made by MELATHRON ROOMS AND APARTMENTS on To your update About by on Policies and on Practices Our About by on collection, use, maintenance, Disclosure, metaphor, Security and Accessed at of personal your data as well as the policy of reservations, cancellations and general terms.

The MELATHRON ROOMS AND APARTMENTS considers the management of your personal data a very serious matter and therefore complies with the current legislation of the Data Protection Authority 2472/97 applicable to personal databases and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).

ΤMELATHRON ROOMS AND APARTMENTS is committed to the full implementation of the applicable legislation and European regulations, taking into account the adoption of appropriate technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal data.

What We collect

May to collect the the following information:

  • Full name
  • Details Contact, including of including address email
  • Demographics data, such as country country of residence, preferences and interests
  • Other information Related with surveys customer information and/or offers

What We do on Information that We collect

We collect information on To understand on needs your and To your we provide best Services,as well as and on their Following Reasons:

For internal compliance files

For Management Reservations

For To improve the products and the services our services

For To receive promotional Messages e mail About by news products, specialoffers ή other information that we believe that may To your go to interesting using on address email that you have give. (You To Remove from Registration your Per pass Moment From on promotional Our Campaigns and To Stop by To receive From us)

For To customize τον website according to with the interests your interests

Check of personal your information

You can To select To Go to on Collection ή on Use of personal your data by theirFollowing Manners:

If you have agree previously To use The personally your Data on Advertising Purposes, you can To change Opinion Per pass moment, by writing ή by sending Our email.

No will sell, not will Distribute ή will lease The personally your Data at third parties, off if required From The law To The do so.

You can To Search Details on The personally Data that we maintain. If you want aCopy of Information that we have on you, contact by Our ή send to Our email.

If believe that any information We maintain on Your is incorrect ή incomplete,contact by Our ή send to Our email and will Refresh immediately on information those.


For To we are absolutely Sure that The information your is secure and To prevented η notauthorized Accessed at ή Disclosure their, we have Located at Suitable procedures on from protectionof Information that Collect at internet.

No We provide personally information to third parties.

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We use cookies on To Our Help To Analyze data About by from traffic ofWebsite and To Improve Him website Our in order To Him Customize at needs ofCustomers us. We use these on information only statistics Analysis and The data Removed fromFrom The system at then.

Overall, The cookies Our help To your we provide an best website, Enable Our ToWatch which Pages Find useful and which no.

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Links to others other websites

Ο Website Our may To contains links to Others websites interest. However, Since you have Use these their links on To leave From Him website us, will must To Note that not we have anyone Control at Both Him other website. As From Hence, not we can To we are Responsible on from protection and The Privacy of any Information provide by from Visit your at Others websites, as well as those not Available from From her from Policy confidentiality. Will must To you are careful and To see on statement privacy that valid on Him In due to website.

The MELATHRON ROOMS AND APARTMENTS May To changes her from Policy updating her on page without Warning. Will must To check this on page on To make sure that you know on any Changes.


  • In order to complete the booking you must either pay the full amount through the booking engine on our website, or prepay 30% of the total amount by contacting us. The transfer can be done either by bank transfer or Western Union.The remaining amount will be paid upon arrival at our accommodation.
  • Check in is allowed from 14:00.In case you wish to check in earlier, you will have to consult with the manager of our accommodation in order to accept your request.
  • Check Out must be done by 11:00 am. In case you wish to check in after 11:00 am you must contact the manager in order to accept your request.
  • Linen change and room cleaning is carried out every 2 or 3 days depending on the duration of your reservation.
  • In case the customer decides to leave before the scheduled departure date, he/she is required to pay 50% of the remaining value of the scheduled days according to the provisions of the law of article 8 of N1652/86 /FEK 167 A.
  • Pets are not allowed.


In case the customer decides to leave before the scheduled date:

  • If the guest cancels the reservation 22 days before the arrival date, the deposit will be refunded (although you may have to cover any extra costs.

  • If the guest cancels within 21 days, the deposit is non-refundable and the guest will have to pay 50% of the total reservation.

  • If the guest departs unexpectedly, 50% of the remaining stay must be paid.

  • In case of no-show, 100% of the total value of the reservation, as scheduled, will be charged.


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